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Varlamovsky granite

Varlamovsky granite
Varlamovsky granite
Varlamovsky granite

Varlamovsky Granite 

Granite structure is medium-grained, color mainly light gray with yellow and green highlights. Varlamovsky Granite is a representative of gray granite.

Leucocratic granites are light gray rocks of the massive small-medium-build. The breed consists of (in%): 30-45 plagioclase, potassium feldspar 20-35, 20-30 quartz, biotite, 3-7, muscovite from single Leist and to 1. Secondary minerals are chlorite, epidote. Aktsessornye minerals — apatite, сфен, zircon, seldom pyrite. Accessory minerals - apatite, sphene, zircon, and rare pyrite. Structure is granitic, and texture is massive.

Varlamovsky granite is used for: internal and external cladding of buildings and structures, flooring, construction of monumental art objects, etc. It is possible to make the following: borders, a stone blocks, steps, plates, parapets and other city objects.

Physicomechanical properties of a  Varlamovsky granite:

Volume weight 2550 kg/m ³
Strength limit at compression 120,8 MPa
Water absorption 0,5%
Factor of decrease in durability at water saturation 0.95
Radiation characteristics 1 level

Varlamovsky granite has a high estimate of decorative properties. In respect of the decorative Varlamovsky  granite field has a light gray color (lightness within 28-30%) with a light beige or purple tinge, the structure of the breed - the medium-and fine-grained, massive texture. The polishing of variety of granite is perfect: reflectivity after polishing is 170-172 rel. units on bleskomera scale (I category in accordance with GOST 9479-84).

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